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Check out this incredible Thor cosplay from Thor Love and Thunder 2022, recorded at Megacon Live Manchester 2022 by Comic Con News. Follow the talented cosplayer on Instagram @captain_tempest_cosplay. Video credit goes to @MuratKuscu. Check out Comic Con News’ cosplay video playlist for more amazing content. Don’t forget to follow Comic Con News for videos from London Film and Comic con 2022, MCM London Comic Con, MCM Birmingham, and Megacon Live lccspring. #Shorts #thor #cosplay

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Adult Captain Marvel Cosplay Costume Halloween Try On

Check out my video where I showcase my attempt at trying on the Captain Marvel Halloween Costume.

Costume Link:

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I love cosplay with movie, anime and game characters, more hot cosplay costumes : captain marvel costume adult

Top Robin Arkham Cosplay Costumes: Quick Ranking in Under 60 Seconds

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In this video, we rank every Batman Arkham suit in under 60 seconds.

We also rank every Robin Arkham suit in under 60 seconds.

And of course, we rank every Arkham suit overall.

Additionally, we rank every Batman suit ever.

And lastly, we rank every Arkham suit in just 60 seconds.

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Every MCU Thor Cosplay Costume Ranked from Worst to Best (2022 Edition)

It’s that time once again for an updated ranking of Thor’s every costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). From his iconic looks to his latest outfit in Thor: Love and Thunder, let’s dive into the evolution of Thor’s wardrobe.

Thor, also known as Thor Odinson or the God of Thunder, is a fictional character portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the MCU. He is a powerful Asgardian with a deep connection to Earth and is often considered a god by humans. Equipped with his mighty hammer called Mjolnir, Thor starts off as an arrogant prince of Asgard but eventually becomes a hero and a member of the Avengers.

Throughout his journey, Thor faces numerous challenges, including conflicts with his adopted brother Loki and the destruction of Asgard during Ragnarök. After the Blip, he passes on the crown to Valkyrie and joins forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He later encounters the formidable Gorr the God Butcher and rekindles his relationship with Jane Foster.

As of 2022, Thor has appeared in eight films, with the most recent being Thor: Love and Thunder. While his first two solo movies received mixed reviews, Thor: Ragnarok is considered a reboot for the character, bringing a fresh and beloved take on his storyline.

In addition to the live-action films, Thor also appears in the animated series What If…?, where different versions of the character explore alternate realities and face unique challenges. Hemsworth reprises his role in this series, showcasing the versatility of Thor across different dimensions.

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I love cosplay with movie, anime and game characters, more hot cosplay costumes : thor costume adult

Costumes: The Catalyst That Transforms Black Adam into a Hero

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, and Director Jaume Collet-Serra discuss the iconic costumes that bring the hero to life in #BlackAdam. Catch it on the big screen today!

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DIY Princess Dress: Crafting Anna’s Coronation Gown

I absolutely adore Anna’s dress and had an amazing time recreating it! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and TikTok for behind-the-scenes stories and videos!

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Creating Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume

Adam pays a visit to FBFX, the specialists behind the fabrication of the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight show. Bex Elley, Head of Soft Costume at FBFX, guides Adam through the process of creating the Moon Knight suit. She highlights the collaboration between her team and costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to incorporate intricate details into this remarkable piece.

The Moon Knight costume, designed by Meghan Kasperlik, was brought to life by FBFX. To learn more about FBFX’s work, visit their website.

The video, shot and edited by Joey Fameli, features music by Jinglepunks, with additional footage provided by FBFX and Marvel Studios.

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Best Scenes from The Big Bang Theory’s Justice League Costume Party

Join us as we revisit the unforgettable League of Justice Costume Show from the iconic TV series, The Big Bang Theory. Prepare to have a good laugh as we witness Zach’s amusing encounters with the nerdy guys, followed by an epic New Year’s costume party held at the beloved comic book store. This particular scene truly captured the essence of humor in the show, leaving us in stitches. And don’t forget to enjoy the catchy tune, “Mumble Doubletime – New Balance,” accompanying these entertaining moments. Stay tuned for more exciting TV series content! #tbbt #thebigbangtheory #tvseriestop

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