Adam Savage Dresses Up as Doctor Strange for Cosplay!

Adam introduces a new addition to his costume collection, crafted by the talented costumer Chad Evett. Chad, known as a costume designer, consulting storyteller, and “Internationally Ignored Cosplayer,” previously created Adam’s exquisite King George cosplay and also brought his Doctor Strange costume for a fitting. Adam is thoroughly impressed by the intricate details of this creation, particularly Chad’s unique design of the cloak, which fits perfectly. Stay tuned in the coming year as Adam plans to showcase this costume at a convention!

To explore more of Chad’s costume work, visit:
Collaborators on this costume: Andy Wise and Igor Pinsky

The music for this video is by Jinglepunks.

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21 thoughts on “Adam Savage Dresses Up as Doctor Strange for Cosplay!

  1. RangerExtra

    Chad is a nice dude and master costume designer/maker.
    The costume is beautiful.
    Wish he explained and show what he did for the cloak to stay in place, more detailed.

  2. G Denise Perry

    I absolutely love this costume. I made this costume for myself this year and I still more wdetail work to do on it. It is one of the most fabulous costumes in the Marvel Universe.

  3. Lee Ogilvie Ray J

    Gotten into cosplay. So many different looks, so many different takes. It's fun.

    I'm normally just doing hats and stuff lol. That cloak is intricate.

    I've been into professional wrestling for a long time. Moved into comic books. Seriously want to go to comic con in Niagara Falls.

  4. FestArc

    Can we all just collectively just start wearing outfits like this in public until it becomes the new norm? I have some stuff I wore for Halloween and Cosplay that I'm ready to start wearing daily. Mostly steampunk stuff.

  5. jelenasseid

    You look cool in it.
    I will come from germany to cosplay at NYCC this Year and i am doing Isaac ( the Gargoyle) for one day and for two more Triton from the Inhumans.

  6. Vicky Souza

    this is absolutely STUNNING

    i feel like the only thing that could match is if adam put in a light and a sensor for the eye so it opens to reveal the time stone if he does the hand thing close enough to it