Aniki Cosplay Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Unboxing!

I didn’t think it would happen, but it did. On November 8th, 2017, I ordered a Mighty Morphin Red Ranger cosplay suit (both the “Armored” version and the regular) from Aniki Cosplay. After 5 years of broken promises and being ghosted on multiple platforms, I was rightfully upset and made a video sharing my experience: A few months go by and out of the blue with no prior contact, I get an email stating my suit is ready. And so miraculously, on December 28th, 2022, I received my suit.

First impressions of the suit are in this video, and to summarize… it looks amazing. And surprisingly, it all still fit, which I was worried about after 5 years. Only big immediate downsides are the incredibly poor visibility from the helmet and that I can’t properly attach the velcro on the back of the dragon shield by myself. Plus, I wanted to sometimes wear the cosplay as just the regular MMPR Red but there’s a velcro piece on the front of the suit for the dragon shield. It is white so it somewhat blends in, but also can be pretty noticeable which is a bummer.

Overall, while the quality of the suit is fantastic, I cannot recommend Aniki Cosplay due to the 5 year long wait that I had. That is just unacceptable and there is no excuse for that. I hear they supposedly fulfill their new Etsy orders on time, but I don’t personally have any experience with that and so I urge people to proceed with caution. Leaving all of their earlier customers in the dust is not good business practice, and I can’t in good faith recommend them.

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46 thoughts on “Aniki Cosplay Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Unboxing!

  1. Angelfor Dove

    Years ago my Nana ordered me a ranger costume online and years and weeks later they didn’t say anything like no email or reply but Years later they ended up saying that they lost the post item costume this happened after my nana send them a message idk it’s confusing who else had this Weird problem

  2. 쑤밧

    Hi. I have a question

    I ordered a flashman and a bioman helmet from Aniki 4 years ago, but I haven't received it yet.

    Recently, I received an unpainted picture of the helmet I ordered and an email saying it will be delivered within 3-4 days, but it has been 2 weeks since then, but I have not heard from you. Do you happen to know how long you waited after this?

  3. jjaheditor

    Just wanted to chime in an say I've ordered 3 helmets from Aniki – two on Etsy and one through their website. All helmets arrived, the one through their website (Red) took a little over a year. Green helmet was just two months, and white took 4 months. Overall really psyched and happy with them. Glad to answer questions or send photos to anyone who needs reassurance before ordering. I know when I was debating ordering I wished I had someone to chat about the process with. Hassan, your helmet looks great! I'd be a bit more careful with the top if it though!! The way you're opening it in this video was so scary to watch for me haha, they are a bit delicate. Have a few chips on the top of mine from not being so careful at first, I'm sure you've learned by now :). To their credit, Aniki sent along some red touch up paint when I ordered the green one! Free of charge. I think they are trying to do good by their customers, and maybe just get overwhelmed sometimes. Still, 5 years is CRAZY and inexcusable. I think they recently staffed up and had a change in management. For whatever that's worth!

    Your entire suit is fantastic. That dragon shield is 100 times better than the one in the US footage from the 90s. I think JDF used to call it the pillow.

  4. Four Knocks

    Did you go through a psychotic over thinking/ruminating process where you had overwhelming regret and severe depression from this? I am going through something similar and it took a chunk off my mental health, like a bullet to a full tyre

  5. Ben

    Waiting more than a month for ANYTHING is beyond unacceptable where I come from. After two weeks I would’ve had my money back had there been so communication. You’re nuts.

    These suits ain’t even worth the wait, everyone that wears them looks proper cringe anyway lol don’t do it to yourself man. Get your money back.

  6. officia1_sim

    May I ask what size head circumference you put on the helmet? I appreciate the time you taking to answer.

    I finally got my red ranger costume after waiting nearly 5 years however the helmet is way too big. I put 26” for the head circumference.

  7. FN Spidey

    You were wearing the hood right. I can tell you that it took sometime with the helmet and I was able to breathe with it just fine, it just takes some getting used to. O'm sorry you had to wait this long.
    i was one of the lucky ones, I stayed on aniki every chance i got it took me maybe 5 to 6 months to get my Green Ranger helmet

  8. Way2ManyNapkins

    Just wanted to correct you on a really old video that didn’t have comments enabled. It was the 5 inch legacy movie figures. You said that the black rangers was not supposed to have the mastodon on his chest and instead the frog. This is not true. These suits were from the beginning of the movie. They did not receive their ninjetti powers until later which included the frog.

  9. Samantha Williams

    Thank you for doing the two Aniki videos. I'm glad your order was finally fulfilled. I ordered a full Pink Time Force suit and helmet in February of 2020 because they had this great sale going on. I had spotty communication with them, but haven't heard anything in years. They flat out ignore my emails and Facebook messages. I tried reaching out to them on Etsy too, but heard nothing. I bought mine on their site which has since been pulled down. They have never sent me any photos to show me any proof that my suit and helmet was coming along. I was not as patient and kind as you, so I ended up blowing up at them demanding my money back if they weren't going to finish and ship my order. It was frustrating, and it's still upsetting. The last I heard from them was in May of 2021. Thank you for sharing your story, and not only reviewing the cosplay when you got it, but not recommending Aniki because of your troubles. I'm glad others are having more luck with Etsy. Funny enough, I tried ordering a Pink Time Force helmet off a different seller on Etsy. Been over a year, still haven't seen anything. Guess I'll never learn. I ordered a pair of Pink Time Force Boots off EZ Cosplay though, and they're good quality, I thought. They actually came too. Lol. Anyways, sorry for the rambling. Thanks again for making the two videos. 🙂