Costumes: The Catalyst That Transforms Black Adam into a Hero

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, and Director Jaume Collet-Serra discuss the iconic costumes that bring the hero to life in #BlackAdam. Catch it on the big screen today!

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27 thoughts on “Costumes: The Catalyst That Transforms Black Adam into a Hero

  1. Blah

    The Rock is great in this. I think the guy is awesome.
    But, when do we get a white guy playing Black Adam?? You know, maybe…Seth Rogan or Henry Cavill..Or…Or….Let Dwayne carry on. It would be wrong to have a white actor play this part. Can you imagine if say…I dunno…imagine Spider-Man was switched? Ahh, no worries, it would never happen. Spidey is Spidey since 60 years ago FFS……………

  2. Mpho Maako

    None of that fake CGI,To much Padding Ish. Just a rock with a cloth. True paper over rock type'a vibes you can't lose. Thank you DJ for bringing DC back