Creating Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume

Adam pays a visit to FBFX, the specialists behind the fabrication of the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight show. Bex Elley, Head of Soft Costume at FBFX, guides Adam through the process of creating the Moon Knight suit. She highlights the collaboration between her team and costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to incorporate intricate details into this remarkable piece.

The Moon Knight costume, designed by Meghan Kasperlik, was brought to life by FBFX. To learn more about FBFX’s work, visit their website.

The video, shot and edited by Joey Fameli, features music by Jinglepunks, with additional footage provided by FBFX and Marvel Studios.

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34 thoughts on “Creating Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume

  1. Alexandre Lot

    I can only think of one word to describe all this work: LOVE. Love for the character, for the storytelling, for the mystery, for the built narrative, literally INGRAINED into the suit

  2. DarthPOOPOO

    The subtle jabs at Disney when they allude to not having a lot of time to work on this costume.

    So much detail and yet a lot of the times they used CGI and it looked so BLEH in comparison.

  3. batt3ryac1d

    It's pretty crazy the amount of work they put into the costume. Must've been awesome for the stuntmen to see such an intricate costume that's not all constricted and a pain.



  5. Orlando U.

    I love the Moon Knight design, I'm a fan of him but I wish they would have shown MORE of him. If you look at all the moon knight scenes from season one the amount of time is abysmal. They did an excellent job.

  6. Ian Mason

    I had to laugh at the heap of test pieces done to get the seams just right. I think I produced a pile about that size just learning how to do a jetted pocket right, and while jetted pockets are moderately complex, they are nothing to the puzzle that FBFX had on their hands.

  7. Matt Osso

    This is the most amazing work of costume art ever created. So beautiful. So elaborate. So elegant. The amount of intricacies that went into every facet of the design is nothing short of astounding. It's my favorite Marvel costume ever. Even before I knew the process that went into this labor of love, I thought I wanted to make the costume and wear it for cosplay. Now I realize that was folly. It took a team of the best costume experts to craft this masterpiece. I'm just a dude. So I'll just sit back and sigh and fantasize about it some day.