DIY Princess Dress: Crafting Anna’s Coronation Gown

I absolutely adore Anna’s dress and had an amazing time recreating it! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and TikTok for behind-the-scenes stories and videos!

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– My serger: [link]
– Beginner dress form: [link]
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44 thoughts on “DIY Princess Dress: Crafting Anna’s Coronation Gown

  1. Youna

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  2. Lilyz Jewelry

    i have a question, when you cut the circle skirt before sewing anything, in this state what is the circle's waist size? and could you give me as abegginer some advice.? Btw i think this mught be the 7th time i watch this video. it is soooo cool. ur an artist!😍

  3. Alex Starkey

    Does anyone have the link to that green beaded fabric or anything similar, I’m looking for that fabric or something similar and I can’t find anything, please help 😊

  4. twoeightythreez

    Absolutely Amazing work!

    You must have the most amazing closet on Earth with those skills

    Any chance you would make matching "prince" outfits to complement these amazing dresses?

  5. sandy M

    Absolutely stunning 😍 ✨ stumbled across your channel by happy accident!! Such a talented young woman. looking forward to seeing more of your videos 💖💖

  6. M Lut

    You look absolutely gorgeous in it!! It’s impressive to see someone with the talent to make a dress like that from scratch. 😁

  7. Ange Lynch

    This dress is freaking gorgeous!! 😍. Quick question though.. could you not just skip the sewing and only serge the panels together instead? You’d save yourself a lot of time and it might save a few sewing needles 🤷‍♀️.