Every MCU Thor Cosplay Costume Ranked from Worst to Best (2022 Edition)

It’s that time once again for an updated ranking of Thor’s every costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). From his iconic looks to his latest outfit in Thor: Love and Thunder, let’s dive into the evolution of Thor’s wardrobe.

Thor, also known as Thor Odinson or the God of Thunder, is a fictional character portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the MCU. He is a powerful Asgardian with a deep connection to Earth and is often considered a god by humans. Equipped with his mighty hammer called Mjolnir, Thor starts off as an arrogant prince of Asgard but eventually becomes a hero and a member of the Avengers.

Throughout his journey, Thor faces numerous challenges, including conflicts with his adopted brother Loki and the destruction of Asgard during Ragnarök. After the Blip, he passes on the crown to Valkyrie and joins forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He later encounters the formidable Gorr the God Butcher and rekindles his relationship with Jane Foster.

As of 2022, Thor has appeared in eight films, with the most recent being Thor: Love and Thunder. While his first two solo movies received mixed reviews, Thor: Ragnarok is considered a reboot for the character, bringing a fresh and beloved take on his storyline.

In addition to the live-action films, Thor also appears in the animated series What If…?, where different versions of the character explore alternate realities and face unique challenges. Hemsworth reprises his role in this series, showcasing the versatility of Thor across different dimensions.

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30 thoughts on “Every MCU Thor Cosplay Costume Ranked from Worst to Best (2022 Edition)

  1. exdegenerate

    I like the first one from Ragnarok bc it looks exactly like the comics and not overdesigned, and thr viking one from L&T because of the fur it looks like the first Thor from the old tv show,

  2. Lucas Hopkins

    12:Avengers 1 (the TV movie suit thing feels kinda accurate, not bad but it feels like Thor 1’s suit on a lower budget)
    11:Ravager (I think it’s based off a comic look which is nice but just not very appealing for me)
    10:Party Thor (it just feels like Thor 1’s suit but replace the silver with gold, pretty cool but the suit feels like it was made to have the silver)
    9:Ragnarok beginning (nice but plain, nuff said)
    8:Love and Thunder (blue) (okay, I might have some kind of bias or something since blue is my favorite color, so I kinda like this suit, but it’s far from being the best)
    7:Gladiator (nice change of pace, does its job but I’m glad we’re back to more regular Thor styles)
    6:Love and Thunder (black(ending)) (if we had to have this design, this version is what we should’ve had for most of the movie, it just looks cooler in my opinion)
    5:Thor 1 (feels like the closest we’ve gotten to comic Thor (excluding Classic Thor in Love and Thunder but we didn’t get a great look at that) which I think is pretty sick)
    4:Age of Ultron (kinda wish he had the chainmail armor for the whole movie instead of little bits randomly but it’s still a very cool suit)
    3:Viking armor (now this is what Thor should’ve used for the whole movie)
    2:Dark World (I don’t know what exactly it is, I just really like how this suit looks)
    1:Infinity War/Endgame (Endgame looks nice but I’m mainly talking about Infinity War here, and Thor at his best in the MCU means he’s gotta get his best suit, Infinity War Thor is just top tier and the suit definitely helps with that)

    I didn’t forget Jane, it’s just that when I do my own suit ranking for a character, I usually only refer to the usual person with that title like with Spider-Man, unless I make it clear I either want to include or are just talking about characters like Miles or 2099, I usually just do Peter’s suits, so that’s why it’s just Thor himself here. If anyone’s curious, Jane’s suit would’ve been at #8 if included, its a pretty good design (not a fan of how the CGI for the helmet was handled though, seriously why in the heck does an Asgardian have a nanotech helmet?)

  3. Kevin Silva

    Did somebody mix Bobby Brown's Every Little Step to use in the intro of this video to make it different enough that they think it's royalty free? 🤣🤣🤣 or am I just imagining hearing it in there.

  4. A Great Person

    Infinity War
    Dark World
    Age of Ultron
    Viking Love and Thunder

    Thor is probably my favourite superhero because I love Norse Mythology. The same actor portrayed the best and worst version of him.

  5. Lewis2619

    My ranking of MCU Thor costumes
    1) Infinity war/Endgame suit and Thor 2011 suit
    2) Viking Armor LAT
    3) Mighty Thor LAT
    4) Age of Ultron suit
    5) The Dark World suit
    6) Gladiator Outfit TR
    7) Party Thor What IF
    8) Asgardian Armor TR
    9) Blue and Gold Armor LAT
    10) Avengers 2012
    11) Ravager Thor LAT

  6. Guy Webz

    1. Infinity War
    2. Thor 1
    3. Love & Thunder first armor
    4. Ravager Thor(I love how it resembles Eric Masterson/Thunderstrike so for me it counts)
    5. Gladiator(Ragnarok)
    6. Age of Ultron
    7. Party Thor
    8. Love & Thunder black/gold armor
    9. Avengers 1
    10. Love of Thunder blue/gold armor

  7. Joshua Swanson

    Okay, but if we rank Thor's movies, there's no argument which is worst, right? Right? And no, I don't mean Dark World because it is not the worst and you're all lying if you think it is. Lying to yourselves.

    4. Thor – Story is alright. But it's slow.

    3. Love and Thunder – Taika, my friend… Individual scenes are great. But a lot of the humor doesn't land, and there's not a grest balance of humor and drama in this film. But hey, Jane was absolutely perfect in this film. And you somehow managed to increase the chemistry between Chris and Natalie tenfold.

    2. Dark World – Sure, Malekith isn't super great. But like, that's the only complaint people ever really make, right? The only valid one, anyway. And sure, thr Aether and the Convergence aren't as threatening as they should be, but the character work in this film is amazing, the fights are terrific, and the Dark Elves are cool. Even if their leader isn't.

    1. Ragnarok – Sure, Thor isn't as serious as he was in the previous films. But he was still used for comedy in those as well. It's just done begter here. Also, the drama, the balance of humor and drama, the character work, and literally everything about this film is amazing. No competition until the eventual, yet still unconfirmed, Thor 5.

  8. Daniel Ray

    1. L&T Viking Suit and Infinity War Suit

    2. Age of Ultron suit

    3. Thor 1 with the classic Helmet

    4. All the others. I don't really have an order, I like them all around the same.