High Quality Female Joker Persona 5 Royal Mod Showcase with Voices

Persona 5 Royal Female Protagonist Mod created by chlorophylls with the help of many other modders and talented people
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26 thoughts on “High Quality Female Joker Persona 5 Royal Mod Showcase with Voices

  1. Niko Esp

    For a Persona 6, I'd like to see dual protagonists but coexist together. Let me explain, parts of the same team, but you can choose whether to follow the story of her or him. Without going to eliminate a figure if you choose one or another.
    A bit like Pokemon with Rivals, or Resident evil 2.

  2. Fahad

    The voice acting is kinda cringy ik there was a hard effort but it feels like it didn’t deliver that sensation the male joker voice acting did but overall great work

  3. Astrolys

    Oof… honestly… not good. The character model is atrocious. It just looks like Joker with a mullet strapped against its will. As for the VA… well she can read ? There’s a distinct lack of intonation. And her voice doesn’t fit the character model. I mean it still looks like Joker. A new and original character model would be better and allow the (clearly beginner) VA to have more freedom when giving a voice to the character. A female protagonist doesn’t mean a female Joker. Remember P3P ?

  4. Aubey

    personally I'm not super into rule 63 designs that amount to just "original protag hair with bad extensions" and the voice acting imitating Male Joker ain't really it but it's a nice mod nonetheless! it looks like there was a lot of thought and work done on this one, it's pretty neat!

  5. Windermed

    i think her design could use some work in order to make her stand out more instead of just using a combination of P5D joker and Ringo’s PT outfit from SH2 more as i can still see male joker in alot of angles

    but other than that.. solid job on the mod!

  6. J. S. Ospina

    I think the modders made a mistake in making her have a long hair. All the other female Phantom Thieves have short hair, except for Ann, who has pigtails anyway, and Futaba, who doesn't have animations with much movement and has her hair clearly by her back. I think this was made to simplify the animations in-battle, and well, it is lacking in Jok-her, so yeah.

    The voice could be improved. Joker's voice is generally very strong and even a bit raspy, but out of battle, his voice is soft and half-whispered. Finding a VA who can have both aspects would be ideal.

  7. Juampa

    This mod is amazing and i really lo e what you guys did with the model and how well you translated Joker into a girl character, however, as a good chunk of people have already said the Voice lines are pretty much basic, i really hope we can get a final version of this mod with the same VA but with a better overall acting

  8. IceQueen975

    So, I like the tone of the VA. I do. But her delivery feels too… emotionless? flat? there's not enough 'umph' in her delivery, especially for the Persona summoning lines.