Joaquin Phoenix & Lady Gaga filming JOKER 2

Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga filming the first musical scene for Joker Folie á Deux in The Bronx, NY. The duo was spotted dancing and singing before the Joker gets arrested on the staircase where he performed his iconic dance. This is the first time they have been captured sharing a musical scene since they started filming the Joker-inspired musical.

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29 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix & Lady Gaga filming JOKER 2

  1. Cosmo

    I hope hope this isn’t all in his head again cause the cops pay her no mind when coming down stairs….ugh or she sets him up….I wish these vids wouldn’t be up cause I have no will power not to watch hahahahah

  2. melclibra Camacho

    Yeah this is my borough, the Bronx. Im only half an hour away from here. I took pics there 3 years ago after the first one was done and because I was a fan of that nasty jerk Joaquin who I think hates his fans in general. This time I would see it for Gaga just to see how her talent would transcend here. Im a fan of hers. She is super talented as well.