27 thoughts on “Making Of: K/DA Cosplay Experience


    Это просто невероятная работа!!! Особенно коготки! Даже не подозревала, что в человеке может быть столько таланта и терпения. А чем вы занимаетесь, кроме косплея? Столько всяких крутых штуковин у вас

  2. ming

    I am an adult woman who has the same hobby as you in Korea. I was very impressed by the process of making wigs, costumes, and props. And I especially liked K/DA's 3D production of Evelyn fake nails
    I'd like to request an order from the producer, so I'm asking if it's possible!

  3. Olciaquku

    The whole procces looks so complicated for me. The amount of materials and machines and paints you had to use! I wish i could have studio and skills like this!