Making the DARK KNIGHT (Batman) Suit!

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I made a replica of the Batsuit from ‘The Dark Knight’! Hope you enjoy this tutorial on how I made this dream cosplay/costume of mine.

Template link below was sized specifically for me (a 6ft male), so you may need to scale it appropriately to fit you! There were some small detail pieces that are not included, but this should cover all the main armor panels.

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– Batman Cowl from GauntletFX –
– Belt –
– Boots –
– Gloves –
– Mannequin –
– Black spandex suit –

#batman #dc #thedarkknight

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40 thoughts on “Making the DARK KNIGHT (Batman) Suit!

  1. Silver Heart Cosplay

    Hi @propway, i had a question. I'm working on this build now. After primimg with black plastidip did you paint it black? Or did you just leave it with the black plastidip and the only paint the silver accents?

  2. Clint Proveaux

    Curious to where you attached the Velcro on the cape, my brain may be over thinking it but it's not putting together the placement for having it full length down to the boots.

  3. HyperBoy Blue

    One tutorial I would love to see gun that I haven't seen anyone do is the arrowverse Batman suit like before it was messed with by Kate Keane like on the display because I think it would be a really cool soup to see done on another project

  4. Lego Star

    I wanted to print out your Template for the Batman suit on a DinA4 Paper but it was cursed. Do you have to use DinA3 Paper? Thanks in advance and have a good day.