Persona 5 Royal Female Joker Mod

High quality Female Joker mod for Persona 5 Royal by chlorophylls

Check out the mod here!

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31 thoughts on “Persona 5 Royal Female Joker Mod

  1. Venty Wenty

    Voice of English female Joker here!💕

    Thank you so much for showcasing our hard work! It means everything!

    And thank you also for your incredible channel. You’re a staple of the Persona community.

  2. Ned3anD

    I'm curious about translating. Is it now possible to translate this game into different languages? For example Polish with software for modding? 🙂

  3. Dunkbuscus Gaming

    So cool, I always wished they had added this on in P5R similarly to how P3P did something similar in their re-release of the game onto the PSP but alas it was not meant to be so I am glad this exists. Probably use it in a playthrough.

  4. Akira Kurusu

    I was thinking that(persona 5 Royal) what If you romance not every girl, but just 4 ? Or 3? I love so much futaba, takemi, kasumi and hifumi. Can somebody tell me if they (4)get angry to Joker? Please somebody tell me this. ❤

  5. Vanitas'Sirius

    This is such a cool mod!! Anyone knows how to download this specific mod? It's my first time actually installing a mod in my PC/Laptop and I really wanna try this out. It's really interesting !

  6. shrimp

    honestly, would have been cool to have fem mc joker or just a fem mc. that's honestly what i thought sumi was at first due to her design and outfit.