Secret to Making Harry Potter Cosplays More Comfortable

Here’s my secret to making my Harry Potter cosplays more comfortable: Dickey collars!

I’ve been using these for a while now and they are such a GAME CHANGER! They’re basically fake blouses with none of the bulk. There are even adjustable straps on the sides so that you can have your perfect fit!
Dickey collars are perfect for create layered looks – especially if you live in a hot climate and/or are prone to sweating like I am. They’re also great for traveling because they’re so small and really help to extend your wardrobe.

I got my Dickey collar from SHEIN for around $5 and really love it!

If you don’t want to shop there, I found something similar on Amazon:

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32 thoughts on “Secret to Making Harry Potter Cosplays More Comfortable

  1. Michael

    If you cant find these collars or they’re too expensive, just make them from an old blouse! I did that from a cheap, stained blouse that was too tight for my arms anyways and it works to well! Its less waste and its cheaper!

  2. Mizusenshi

    I sweat a lot so I could probably use this, at least for cosplay.

    Although I guess I did kind of wear something like this in my last cosplay. I was dressed as Sailor Pluto, and for the sailor collar I ordered this bow/collar set off of Etsy where the collar just fit over your head and you attached the bow to it with a safety pin. It was honestly such a great idea IMO.