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Creating Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume

Adam pays a visit to FBFX, the specialists behind the fabrication of the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight show. Bex Elley, Head of Soft Costume at FBFX, guides Adam through the process of creating the Moon Knight suit. She highlights the collaboration between her team and costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to incorporate intricate details into this remarkable piece.

The Moon Knight costume, designed by Meghan Kasperlik, was brought to life by FBFX. To learn more about FBFX’s work, visit their website.

The video, shot and edited by Joey Fameli, features music by Jinglepunks, with additional footage provided by FBFX and Marvel Studios.

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Intro bumper created by Abe Dieckman.

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Best Scenes from The Big Bang Theory’s Justice League Costume Party

Join us as we revisit the unforgettable League of Justice Costume Show from the iconic TV series, The Big Bang Theory. Prepare to have a good laugh as we witness Zach’s amusing encounters with the nerdy guys, followed by an epic New Year’s costume party held at the beloved comic book store. This particular scene truly captured the essence of humor in the show, leaving us in stitches. And don’t forget to enjoy the catchy tune, “Mumble Doubletime – New Balance,” accompanying these entertaining moments. Stay tuned for more exciting TV series content! #tbbt #thebigbangtheory #tvseriestop

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Adam Savage Dresses Up as Doctor Strange for Cosplay!

Adam introduces a new addition to his costume collection, crafted by the talented costumer Chad Evett. Chad, known as a costume designer, consulting storyteller, and “Internationally Ignored Cosplayer,” previously created Adam’s exquisite King George cosplay and also brought his Doctor Strange costume for a fitting. Adam is thoroughly impressed by the intricate details of this creation, particularly Chad’s unique design of the cloak, which fits perfectly. Stay tuned in the coming year as Adam plans to showcase this costume at a convention!

To explore more of Chad’s costume work, visit:
Collaborators on this costume: Andy Wise and Igor Pinsky

The music for this video is by Jinglepunks.

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Cosplay as Aquaman: Embracing the #Aquaman #DC #DCcomics #DCuniverse Vibes with #JasonMomoa & #AmberHeard – #Shorts Edition!

Here is an alternative version:

Comic Con News captured a thrilling Aquaman 2 cosplay during the London Film and Comic Con Winter 2022. The talented cosplayer, known as quantum_cosplay, nailed the iconic Aquaman look, representing the beloved DC Comics character. The hashtags #aquaman, #dc, #dccomics, #dcuniverse, #JasonMomoa, #amberheard, #shorts, and #cosplay perfectly encapsulate the essence of this incredible display.

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Titans Robin cosplay transition #hbomax #titansseason4 #gothamknights

transition for my titans robin inspired cosplay!

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Harley Quinn (The Suicide Squad) Makeup Transformation – Cosplay Tutorial



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