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Costumes: The Catalyst That Transforms Black Adam into a Hero

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, and Director Jaume Collet-Serra discuss the iconic costumes that bring the hero to life in #BlackAdam. Catch it on the big screen today!

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Creating Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume

Adam pays a visit to FBFX, the specialists behind the fabrication of the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight show. Bex Elley, Head of Soft Costume at FBFX, guides Adam through the process of creating the Moon Knight suit. She highlights the collaboration between her team and costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to incorporate intricate details into this remarkable piece.

The Moon Knight costume, designed by Meghan Kasperlik, was brought to life by FBFX. To learn more about FBFX’s work, visit their website.

The video, shot and edited by Joey Fameli, features music by Jinglepunks, with additional footage provided by FBFX and Marvel Studios.

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Recommended costumes : moon knight costume

Fantasy at its Finest: A Case Study on Crafting Historically Accurate Costumes for Game of Thrones

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Editing by @DannyBanner

1. Van Cleve, Joos. Henry VIII. c. 1530-5. Oil on panel. London. Royal Collection Trust.
2. Cycling Suit. 1896-98. Wool, Leather, Silk, Linen, Cotton. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
3. Marikevanroon20. Cloth of Gold. January 3, 2014. Golden cloth, woven with golden strips and crinkle cordonnet. Wikipedia.
4. Meyer, John. The Imperial Mantle. 1821. Cloth of gold, Silk, Gold. London. Royal Collection Trust.
5. Court Dress. c. 1750. Silk, Metallic thread. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
6. Tabart & Co. A Lady in Court Dress, 1805. October 24, 2015. Online image. Jane Austen’s World.

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“Magician” by Anbr
“Governor of the North” by Jo Wandrini
“Across Land and Sea” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
“Mask of Byron” by Deskant
“Where it Started” by Spectacles Wallet and Watch
“The Winding Path” by Deskant
“Sins of the Fathers” by Deskant
“Mural Legends” by Adriel Fair
“The Kings Ransom by Bonnie Grace
“May You Have” by Bonnie Grace
“Where the Thistle Grows” by Bonnie Grace

0:00 What is “Historical Accuracy”?
3:24 Material Accessibility
9:01 (Here is Your One (1) S8 Roast)
9:08 Garment Construction and Design
13:32 Culture
18:21 Physical Constraints
21:32 Class
27:16 Trends
32:59 Individual Preferences/Character Psychology
34:29 Conclusion
35:37 A Word From HelloFresh (Ad)

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Superman: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

Superman has a very long history in live action with multiple different film franchises and tv shows, Superman is DC’s single most successful character when it comes to having both, we’re sure to get a new Superman costume by 2025 in Superman: Legacy but seeing as that’s not for another two years so this would be a good time to look at every live action Superman costume and rank them from worst to best.

— Timestamps —

00:00 – Intro
1:56 – Number 18
2:49 – Number 17
3:36 – Number 16
4:09 – Number 15
4:39 – Number 14
5:10 – Number 13
6:08 – Number 12
6:59 – Number 11
7:35 – Number 10
8:10 – Number 9
8:56 – Number 8
9:33 – Number 7
10:26 – Number 6
11:03 – Number 5
11:46 – Number 4
12:43 – Number 3
13:38 – Number 2
15:09 – Number 1

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