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Making the DARK KNIGHT (Batman) Suit!

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I made a replica of the Batsuit from ‘The Dark Knight’! Hope you enjoy this tutorial on how I made this dream cosplay/costume of mine.

Template link below was sized specifically for me (a 6ft male), so you may need to scale it appropriately to fit you! There were some small detail pieces that are not included, but this should cover all the main armor panels.

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– Batman Cowl from GauntletFX –
– Belt –
– Boots –
– Gloves –
– Mannequin –
– Black spandex suit –

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Secret to Making Harry Potter Cosplays More Comfortable

Here’s my secret to making my Harry Potter cosplays more comfortable: Dickey collars!

I’ve been using these for a while now and they are such a GAME CHANGER! They’re basically fake blouses with none of the bulk. There are even adjustable straps on the sides so that you can have your perfect fit!
Dickey collars are perfect for create layered looks – especially if you live in a hot climate and/or are prone to sweating like I am. They’re also great for traveling because they’re so small and really help to extend your wardrobe.

I got my Dickey collar from SHEIN for around $5 and really love it!

If you don’t want to shop there, I found something similar on Amazon:

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