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Constructing a Green Lantern Ring (Incorporating Red and Blue Lantern Abilities)

Today’s creation showcases custom-designed replicas of Lantern rings, specifically the Green Lantern and Red Lantern rings.

We hope you find these creations enjoyable…


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Superman: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

Superman has a very long history in live action with multiple different film franchises and tv shows, Superman is DC’s single most successful character when it comes to having both, we’re sure to get a new Superman costume by 2025 in Superman: Legacy but seeing as that’s not for another two years so this would be a good time to look at every live action Superman costume and rank them from worst to best.

— Timestamps —

00:00 – Intro
1:56 – Number 18
2:49 – Number 17
3:36 – Number 16
4:09 – Number 15
4:39 – Number 14
5:10 – Number 13
6:08 – Number 12
6:59 – Number 11
7:35 – Number 10
8:10 – Number 9
8:56 – Number 8
9:33 – Number 7
10:26 – Number 6
11:03 – Number 5
11:46 – Number 4
12:43 – Number 3
13:38 – Number 2
15:09 – Number 1

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Match The Avengers Character: HARLEY QUINN, SUPER GIRL, JOKER, STAR LORD, HAWKEYE (EP3) | Luni Funny

Match The Avengers Character: HARLEY QUINN, SUPER GIRL, JOKER, STAR LORD, HAWKEYE (EP3) | Luni Funny

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