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The Witcher Action Design: A Thrilling Confrontation between Geralt and Ciri

Witcher Versus Ciri: A Playful Adventure in the Forest!

Join us as we embark on a thrilling adventure with the Witcher and Ciri! But hold on, it’s not all fun and games. We had to face the daunting task of carrying all our equipment through the forest. Oh, the struggle!

Lesson learned for next time – only bring a previz kit! Hahahaha. No more prepping or rehearsing, just a spontaneous 4-hour meet and shoot session. And let’s not forget about the lengthy postproduction process. Sorry about that, folks! I was caught up in a busy schedule, working on an Amazon Prime TV show.

We can’t thank you enough for your support, even if it involved some carrying (and maybe a few complaints!). Special shoutouts to our amazing crew: 1st AC Khoa Huynh, 2nd AC Kang Chn, and 3rd AC Gong Bao from NoobtownMonkeys. And a huge thanks to Lighting Extraordinaire Lukas Zschocke, the incredible PA Jessica Kiko, and our talented voice actors Doug Cockle as Geralt and Djarii as Ciri. Last but not least, special thanks to MUA Maja Felicitas Bergmann for working her magic on set!

Get ready for an epic showdown, filled with adventure and excitement. Stay tuned for more thrilling content coming your way!

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