The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

Do you have an irrational fear of clowns? If not, you might develop one by the end of this video.

For a long time, popular culture has depicted clowns as creepy or even evil, from Stephen King’s It to the Joker.

These infamous characters might explain the irrational fear of clowns, at least a little bit. But what if I told you such clowns exist in real life?

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG, has been terrorizing Mexico for over a decade now. They are by far more brutal than their enemies, the Sinaloa Cartel, and even then Pablo Escobar’s empire.

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48 thoughts on “The Mexican Clown That Killed Cartel Members & Filmed It

  1. Narcis

    We are living comfortably day by day into our different countries, while Cartels are terrorizing an entire country with a beautiful culture. Hopefully one day our nations can come together as one to destroy these cartels.

  2. missael suazo

    When I see this things I can only think of my family, and how devastated I would be if something like this would happen to them, there’s so many sick people out there…

  3. Magical 801

    To be honest with you the worst video that has came out from the cartel is the Funky Town video. That video is f**** crazy. Warning do not go looking for that video.

  4. michael Jennave

    And just think, most of these clowns are strolling across the border, when it gets tough or they start to lose, settling in USA and voting democrat, many times, in the next election and living next door to you.

  5. hemana banana

    This is like a cookie cutter 'paint by the numbers' doco . So bargain basement . Just throw any footage of any cartel in the background and talk over it with half truths and exaggeration. Do better

  6. Paul Frank

    I can't believe the humanity of the Mexican marines who captured La Catrina. She tortured and sadistically enjoyed inflicting pain on both her rivals and innocent people. If anybody deserved to be left to die, she was definitely a great candidate for such a fate. But the fact the Mexican marines still extended the hand of mercy she refused to even entertain when she won previous gunfights, shows that even in a country shrouded in a cloud of evil, there is a ray of humanity and maybe even a bit of hope.

  7. Mikey Pee

    And this is EXACTLY why there is a God in heaven that executes judgment on the wicked. The Bible says that God is not slack concerning His promise because men say "where is the promise of His coming or His judgment"? Yea, God executes His will speedily because the whole life of a man is but a vapor

  8. Connor McIntyre

    It's so bizarre how millions of tourists including myself have visited Mexico and had an absolutely wonderful and amazing experience. It is a beautiful country with friendly people, amazing food, beautiful culture, great beaches and I have always felt very safe there, I have traveled around the country a lot. It boggles my mind that stuff like this goes on there at the same time. Both heaven and hell exist in that country. I feel so sad that the Mexican people have to deal with these savage monsters that are destroying that magical place.

  9. Sententia

    This vigilantism justice is serious issue for the human rights of the cartels , there is no democracy remains in US or west , now george soros should lick his own ass

  10. BillyJack85

    That was a good exposé…. everything except the part about how bad the killer clowns must have had it when they were younger to be able to do such things to people.
    This is a piece of liberal/ secular propaganda that needs to be removed from society and an excuse that needs to be taken away from evil people.

  11. Blalack77

    I read in some scientific study once that the fear of clowns comes from something like humans' aversion to hidden/obscured identity. Like someone or something is trying to hide its identity and it's off-putting to us. Jesus and when I saw that military convoy, I thought that was the Mexican military.. Absolutely wild that was a private, cartel army… It seems like they'd be a lot more successful if they'd win people over with like love and loyalty – like build schools and roads and stuff and regular people would probably support them. I can understand some level of violence in that field but it seems like you could easily be peaceful in most situations and just bring out that brutality when necessary.

    I just don't get it.. The way they're handling this, they'll eventually slip up and leave an opening or have a moment of weakness or lose some of their power and everyone will be more than happy to destroy them. It seems like if they didn't brutally murder innocent people and only killed people in defense or rival cartel disputes and mainly just sold drugs and actually did good deeds for the regular people and somehow weaseled in with the police and military, then maybe they'd be allowed to exist – especially after this business.

    Seems like either a more peaceful cartel would be supported in opposition to all the violence or from now on, anytime a cartel springs up, the military and even just regular people/vigilantes will just immediately attack, firebomb, raid and destroy them with extreme prejudice. That, or this group will eventually just completely take over the country.. This is becoming a big enough issue and even a humanitarian crisis and spilling over into the US that it seems like the Mexican government could somehow secure the funds to either bolster their own military, recruit a lot of new soldiers, get new gear and put policies in place to keep departments somewhat bribe-proof to gain control of the situation or maybe hire mercenaries or somehow get a joint effort going with some other countries to combat this.

    I mean, with it clearly spilling over into the US in the form of mass migration – which not only contains regular people fleeing the violence and some just seeking opportunity but cartel members and now even hordes of Chinese citizens and citizens from nations less than friendly to the US – and the cartel also conducting business and violence on the US side, it seems like the US might could help more in some way. It seems like it would be in our national interest not only since it's directly affecting us within our borders but just to have a stable country next door. And maybe all of that is in the works with them doing the sting operations and raids and stuff.