The Ring Cosplay Spotted at Comic Convention || ViralHog

Occurred on February 25, 2023 / Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“The Ring cosplay I saw while I was at ATL Comic Convention in Atlanta, GA.”

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23 thoughts on “The Ring Cosplay Spotted at Comic Convention || ViralHog

  1. CommonHouseSpider @⃟⃝⃟

    At the comic shop the other day I picked up a 1960s iron man reprint. I realized that the suit looked really easy to build, so I’m currently making one. My local comic con is in September and it’s gonna be its 10th anniversary so I figured I’d make the suit shoot fire. To do that I’m just gonna be repurposing my web shooters that shoot liquid to solid webs from last years comic con. I’m praying that this thing turns out well. I do have a 3d printer, and I’m gonna be using that for some parts of this suit, but most of it will be foam painted metallic red and a gold morph suit. Wish me luck.