What Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character Concepts

In todays video I talk about an idea for a Garten Of Banban concept character: The Jester

The Jester is a character in the world of Garten Of Banban

In this video we look into The Jester and also the area that they reside in. We take look at their creepy kindergarten, their back story and also how to run and hide from this creepy character

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Enter Banban’s Kindergarten, and you’re sure to make some friends. Explore the mysterious establishment and don’t lose your life and sanity. Uncover the horrifying truth behind the place, but be careful, as you are far from alone…

Banban’s Kindergarten has earned a special place in every kid’s heart. The reason for this is the Banban And Friends Gang, which are the establishment’s mascots and icons. At Banban’s Kindergarten, nobody’s lonely thanks to them!

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TITLE: Garten of Banban
GENRE: Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie
DEVELOPER: Euphoric Brothers
PUBLISHER: Euphoric Brothers
RELEASE DATE: 7 Jan, 2023


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    What Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character ConceptsWhat Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character ConceptsWhat Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character ConceptsWhat Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character ConceptsWhat Could Be In Garten Of Banban | The Jester | Chapter 4 | Character Concepts


    Garten of BanBan character concept: Shrödinger

    Shrödinger is a character that is normally not found in any depictions or wall art, other than his “Shrödinger Says…” wall decor. He’s a character that’s basically “lost media”, in a way (referencing the Shrödinger’s Cat, which is a metaphor for a “paradox”).

    He is a tall lanky character with baggy clown-like clothing with dark purple fabric and eye patterns, and he has fuzzy purple fur with no eyes on his face surprisingly, along with a single eye on each hand. Those eyes help him see despite them being on his hands.

    Shrödinger will appear around corners and suddenly disappear, following the player throughout the map. He will play tricks on the player by leading them to a different destination. Once the player is in the same area as Shrödinger, he will play more tricks and ask them to play some games with him (he acts similar to Sun in Security Breach, or to the Collector in the Owl House). He will ask you to play Hide and Seek with him, which is odd, since he cannot see. You will play the game with him by being the one that hides, and he’ll be the seeker. Once you hide, Shrödinger will look in different places to find you. You might find an exit to the area you’re trapped with Shrödinger in, so you’ll have to move to different hiding spots to get closer to the exit while staying out of Shrödinger’s range of reach.

    Once you’re at the exit, Shrödinger will realize that you’re gone and chase after you, shouting at you to come back since you didn’t finish the game. You and Shrödinger will run through different areas while you try to lose him. You will find a large room with different parkour stages and hop across the different platforms while Shrödinger chases you. Once you get close to the end, however, Shrödinger will try to grab you and throw you off of the platforms. You’ll have to dodge his attempts while trying to get to the end.

    You get to the end of the parkour section and push Shrödinger off of the platform, making him fall to his death. He will drop a special item: a key. The key will unlock a secret room that contains all of Shrödinger’s lost media (plushies, wall decor, etc) and a VHS tape. Playing the tape will reveal Shrödinger playing games with the player’s children before it abruptly cuts to black and turning off. 🙂

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    Wait if it said don’t let the jester find you that means the jester will actually eat the players liver,intestines and most importantly pancreas